Blue Max Hip and Glute Cuff

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Blue Max Hip & Glute Cuff is an add-on to the Blue Max Control Unit for recovery treatment of the upper quad, groin, hamstring, hips, glutes and lower back.

It does not come with the Blue Max Control Unit.

It’s easy to use, just like wearing a pair of jumper suit. This Hip & Glute Cuff is best used lying completely flat and it’s a great compliment to the leg cuffs.

Each sizing comes with a double-track zipper (with 2 different width) to enhance the fit.

Great for all sports including Running, Rugby, Football, Triathlon, CrossFit and many more. Also very popular for trimming up BTT (bums, tums & thighs), popular with ladies.

Product Includes

  • 1 x a pair of Hip & Glute Cuff