Bio Mat Qi Medium

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Recovery Systems PEMF Bio-Mat, Our Qi Mat series, a brilliant combination of five recovery Modalities – PEMF, Far Infrared, Negative Ion, Heat and Red light therapy (or Photon light therapy). These combinations of treatments have been proven (for example, PEMF and Far-infrared have been used for decades) to enhance recovery, detoxification, wound/injury healing, boost mitochondrial health, nerve regeneration, nutritional uptake, and raise HGH levels naturally. Great for boosting mental and physical wellbeing.

The Qi Mat is part of our range of PEMF mats for sale that harnesses all key technologies and different types of crystals and stones in one single mat. This allows you to choose virtually almost any PEMF signal to suit your needs perfectly. Additionally, it contains 3 high-quality copper PEMF coils, 24 red therapy lights, Amethyst crystals, Tourmaline crystals, and Jade crystals. The large size 150 x 60 cm mat is big enough to cover most of the body, and The medium size is big enough for most people to lay down half their body on the mat. For example, when lying down, this mat can cover the entire area from your shoulders to your lower back, or you can stretch your legs out on it to target them instead.

Qi Mat - Medium (100cm x 60cm)

Includes: Mat, carry bag, controller and washable mat cover